SPR: Emerge

SPR: Emerge was an event organized by the Stony Plain Road Business Association. The goal of the event was to increase foot traffic to the area and promote local businesses in the area, all while showcasing local Edmonton talent (click here to read my artist feature).

There were two parts to the event — one was the installation of vinyl art onto the windows of local businesses in the Stony Plain Road area.  The second part was showcasing original 2D artwork at a vacant storefront in the West Block Glenora building. These pieces portrayed a relation to the Stony Plain Road community and the local emerging businesses.

 This event ran from September 16 – 26, 2021.


24 x 48"

A Window of Opportunity

This piece was inspired by the phrase “a window of opportunity”. It represents the vibrant community that is the Stony Plain Road area, enriched by the local businesses available. I highlighted the growth and potential of the area by using a vivid colour palette and choosing nature themes. The depiction of pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, parallels the existence of local businesses in the area. The diverse presence of pollinators are an integral part of sustaining our ecosystem, similar to how a variety of local businesses are an important factor to keeping community spirit alive. 

This piece was printed and mounted on foamcore.


50 x 43"


This piece was printed on vinyl and was displayed at International Center Early Learners and Development, a daycare located in the Stony Plain Road area. It was created to accompany "A Window of Opportunity", the piece that was displayed at the vacant storefront. The depiction of pollinators, mountains, sunflowers, and daisies, highlight themes of growth and opportunity — a theme that relates to the importance of the work that the staff at the daycare are doing as an integral part to providing care and education to the little ones that attend.


Special thanks to the Stony Plain Road Business Association for organizing this event and Signworks Plus for printing the vinyl.

September 2021

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